RFD is an engineering consulting boutique specializing in using a combination of practical field engineering and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to assist our clients with reaching their technical and financial performance targets while mitigating risks on their industrial projects or processing facilities. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals with background in the application of flow and heat transfer principles to analyze and optimize a wide range of equipment and processes for a variety of industries. We also have extensive experience in hands-on physical modeling and prototype manufacturing of existing operating equipment as well as new R&D designs.

At RFD, we work closely with our clients to find and implement optimal solutions through rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis, design and development of material flow characteristics. We offer CFD modeling services in combination with field engineering technical consulting to identify, optimize and implement cost-effective engineering solutions for a diverse number of industries. This combination of specialized modeling with real-life trouble shooting, physical testing and implementation skills makes RFD a unique engineering firm.

Some of the industries we have serviced include power generation, mining, processing, oil and gas, renewable fuel, chemicals, automotive and others.

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