We provide high level assessment of both system and component design to identify potential operational issue and/or the root cause of an ongoing problem. We offer both desktop assessment and on-site diagnostics, providing straightforward and unbiased advice to our clients based on independent analysis.


We offer the ability to optimize performance of either new or existing designs for both individual system components and an entire operating facility through computer modeling and simulations based on holistic diagnostics. Based on our model analysis, we refine the proposed devices design to reach our clients’ specified criteria while enhancing performance and efficiency. Our interpretations of model results and solution alternatives are based on real-life engineering and operating experiences.

Analysis and Scoping

We identify and collect the required data through research, testing and client interactions to perform the appropriate engineering analyses, and map out practical proposals of possible solutions.

Field Support

Beyond computational modeling and desktop engineering analysis, we offer practical field support services in the physical implementation of the selected optimized design/solution. With the goal of achieving actual results and tangible success, we are committed to assisting our clients’ requests on a project from initial conceptual design and development to final installation and commissioning. Our team’s field experience can provide immediate solutions to our clients, for example, either minimizing or preventing any schedule delays or scope changes arising from unforeseen hurdles during the implementation process.

Design and Modeling

Based on the proposed solution strategy, our designs endeavor to meet our client criteria both technically and commercially. We understand the business and investment requirements of a project or a design and how quite often, these criteria would play a major role in determining the ultimate success of a project.

On-Going Support

Beyond the implementation and commissioning stage, if a customer desires ongoing assistance, RFD has the ability to offer further support to our clients. This could include personnel training, the ongoing monitoring and / or maintenance of equipment or a plant, further technical advisory support, further improvement of performance KPI’s, etc.

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