Field Engineering Services

Engineering Field Services

RFD offers field engineering technical services inclusive of the following:

  • Internal inspections of operating equipment to determine the root cause of internal failures and/or potential improvements to existing designs (dry and wet ESPs, baghouses, storage tanks, fluidized bed reactors, cyclones, scrubbers, furnaces, incinerators, drying Columns, quench towers, evaporative cooling tower, etc.)
  • Field installation support / project management (new construction, proposed modifications and retrofits)
  • Procurement specifications of equipment and/or parts support for various environmental equipment and manufacturing processes
  • Cost estimation of capital improvements and/or modifications of various environmental equipment and manufacturing processes
  • R&D pilot development (bench scale to pilot system)
  • Troubleshooting and testing of existing systems and new R&D developments
  • Process design / optimization of pilot systems and full-scale installations
  • Mechanical and structural evaluations

RFD also provides and manages environmental field testing services on an as requested basis, in support of R&D initiatives and/or improvements to operating systems. The field-testing services are typically proposed and utilized to develop baseline data and/or support simulation services by measuring actual operating conditions onsite. These measured conditions allow us to more accurately provide model validation data, and final in-field evaluation of proposed modifications or new designs.